EDGE Winter Retreat: January 12th-14th 2024

Who: Students currently in 6th-12th grade
Where: Skyview Ranch - Millersburg, OH
Cost: $100 (includes transportation, lodging, meals, activities)
See brochure for complete details. You may register by completing the online form below.
REGISTRATION DEADLINE is Sunday, January 7th.
Parents - Please complete and submit the online form below (once for EACH student) to register for winter camp. Also please complete the "Skyview Ranch Liability Waiver" form for each student. You can scan and email it to office@greentownbaptist.com or print a copy and turn in to the church office. Thank you!

Please type below activities in order of preference: Paintball, horseback riding.
Greentown Baptist Church’s insurance is only secondary insurance. If you have medical insurance, your carrier will be billed for medical charges in the case of illness or injury while your son or daughter is on a church-related activity. “In the event that I cannot be reached in an emergency, I hereby give my permission to the physician or dentist selected by the church leadership to hospitalize, to secure proper treatment, and/or order an injection of anesthesia, or surgery for my son or daughter as deemed necessary.”   Every activity sponsored by this church is carefully planned and adequately supervised by mature adults. However, even with the best planning and precaution, unforeseen events can occur. By signing this form, the parent or guardian agrees to assume and accept all risks and hazards inherent in church-related social activities. They agree not to hold Greentown Baptist Church or its employees or volunteer assistants liable for damages, losses, or injuries to the person or property undersigned. The parents or guardians understand that they are signing for the minor listed on this form and the signature is for both a medical and liability release.   Also, by signing this release, you give permission for your child to be sent home for any disciplinary reasons.